How can You benefit from FMI?

Help Develop Program and Business Plans

A plan is a depiction of your program and business goals on paper. We will help answer

the following questions:

- What is your Financial Plan? 

- How will you grow and expand?

- Who are your competitors?

- What is a SWOT test?



Help Develop Your Nonprofit 501c3





Section 501c3 is the portion of the US

Internal Revenue Code that allows for

federal tax exemption of nonprofit

organizations, specifically those that

are considered:

-Public charities


-Private foundations 


-Private operation foundations

Help With Real Estate Needs




Business and Charity Development

 FMI Charity Development forms and

develops Charities, Churches, and

Businesses from start up to


We assist with the following:

1099 Business Contractor Forms

501c3 Charity Development 

990 Church/Charity/Nonprofit Tax


Accounts Payable/Receivable

Business Plans

Business Income Tax Returns

Financial Statements

Grant Writing


LLC Partnerships

Realtor Trust Account



Organizational Structure





-Are you recognized as a tax exempt

organization by the IRS?

-Do you have an effective plan?

-Do you have a strategic plan?

-Is your strategic plan current?

-A strong Organization Image

-Do you have a logo

-Have you created a uniform identity for your organization?

-Intriguing Marketing & Communications

-How do people know your organization exists?

-Do you have brochures, fliers, or other marketing collateral?

-An engaging website?

-Do you accept online donations?

-How do people know your website exists?

-Structures accounting and bookkeeping

-Do you keep up with monthly financials?

-Who does your 990 and filings?

-Funds for growing your organization

-Have you researched or submitted any grant proposals?